Training Manager

Identify training needs, determine employee competencies and evaluate the effectiveness of training through our employee training management platform.


Create internal or external Facilitator accounts specifically designed for lecturers or trainers to provide training.

Venue Management

Ensure your training venues aren’t double booked by running all your training through Training Manager’s venue booking system.

Schedule Sessions

Schedule your training sessions in minutes. Delegates receive invitations that they can accept or decline. Perform roll call when the session starts and provide attendance reports to the HOD or any other senior member.

Score Attendees

Facilitators can provide scores to attendees which provide information to management on the competency levels of employees.

Require Training for Specialized Roles

Your employees can be assigned roles that require them to be at a certain competency level for them to be cleared for work. For example, someone who engages in working in heights or some other dangerous or highly technical field can be required to perform training at scheduled intervals to be cleared for work.

Detailed Reports

As with all other ISOMS modules, view detailed analyses on the state of your employees’ competency and readiness.

Schedule a Free Demo

Book a 15 minute session with an ISO Compliance expert.

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