OTP Manager

DOC Manager provides turnkey solutions for the capture, control and communication of information. Our DOC Manager is built to do what you need it to do.

The Objective / Target / Program process:

1: Set Objective

Determine an overarching, high-level objective, for example, you can set a goal of achieving $500k sales for a quarter.

2: Set Targets

Break down your objective into smaller segments, which can be per department or per week, or any other segment you require.

3: Set Programs

Break down individual targets into individual blocks of work with specific measurement metrics. For example, x amount of units sold or a particular weight of loads delivered. You create your own metrics.

Use OTP Manager to track your organization’s progress:

Know when you're behind

The system will automatically escalate an issue when a program is behind schedule, ensuring everyone keeps on task.

Super Detailed Reports

Take a high level overview of how your organization is performing, or go into granular detail right down to individual actors.

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