Electronic Document Management System

Monitor and Measure your performance with the right business Software 

DOC Manager provides turnkey solutions for the capture, control and communication of information. Our DOC Manager is built to do what you need it to do.


Upload all documents to our web platform to ensure transparent access to all latest document revisions.


Centralized management of all information content


Web based and securities on all cloud platforms


Electronic retrieval, data distribution, cost-effective media.


The DOC Manager automatically communicate (Mail) all new changes to the respective groups as communication of new updates/changes.

Information Access is the Key. Access all documents via your mobile device or computer at real time.

Information portals – share information.
Transform data into Internet documents
Link information to business process.

Don’t stress about revisions for DOC manager takes care of that via the early warning dashboard. Automated revision numbers, dates and assigned owners is just a few of the benefits from our DOC Manager.

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