Action Manager

Measure compliance through tracking all actions deriving from non-conformance’s, incidents, near miss’s, management review actions, credit notes, vfl’s


Effective Action Tracking is the Key to Measuring Compliance.

In compliance management, the role of managing and tracking actions is a critical step to ensuring products and service defects are flagged and handled properly.

ISO-Office’s Action Manager is designed to do just that. It helps you identify any processes/materials that do not conform to the specification, identify the areas which caused these actions, and then take the necessary steps to properly address the issues. The Action manager’s process include the Corrective & Preventative Action process. 

ISO-Office Action Management software provides a set of features that allows employees to manage and control there non-conformances of products and processes, incidents, near miss’s, inspection findings etc. from anywhere, tablet, smartphone and local computer. This forms part of the management program for managing and tracking of remedial action and identification of root causes.

Automated email reports are submitted on completion of logging any action. These email reports could be send internal as well as external. The application is web based and also mobile friendly. It allows unlimited users, departments as well as working sites to access the system at all times. 

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