Action Manager

Measure compliance through tracking all actions deriving from non-conformance’s, incidents, near miss’s, management review actions, credit notes and VFL’s.

ISO Compliant NCR

Issue Non-Conformance Reports (NCR/Actions) using our platform. By following our guided process, you can rest assured your actions will be ISO Compliant.

Detailed Reports

Identify problem areas in your organization, using our detailed Action Reports. See overdue Actions at a glance, or identify problem segments or groups to address.

Interested Parties

Some issues need to be tracked by several individuals or groups. Easily set up subscriber groups of interested parties to keep everyone in the loop. 

Action Automation

Set up different Priority levels for different Action/NCR events, which will automatically escalate issues based on your timeframes.

Schedule a Free Demo

Book a 15 minute session with an ISO Compliance expert.

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